City Trouble (Game & Box)


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You are Amy and your mission leads you to the rooftops high above the town’s not so pleasant districts.

So, take your trusty taser and electrocute all evil scumbags that stand in your way. Show those muscle-headed Goons and them jumpy Paradudes who’s boss. Use your agility to pass over deep and dangerous gaps and outrun that pesky helicopter.

It’s a tough job, but not all is dire: There’s your best friend Rachel waiting in the middle of the action to provide you some useful items to help you on your way.

You’ll need it since it’s only a matter of time until bad girl Scarlett bothers you again or you’ll have to face another one of the Jumbos.

Do you have the guts and the skills to rid the City of the Jackal Gang in this fast-paced arcade action game?

Standard Edition comes in a classic gray shell.

Limited Edition Features

  • Custom Black NES cartridge
  • Professionally Printed City Trouble 11×17 poster
  • 50 Limited Edition copies with custom emblem
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